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The Monarch Project: services for survivors with precarious status or without status

In partnership with the Refugee Center, Monarch Project is offered to women, trans, Two-spirit and non-binary people with no or precarious status, who are survivors of sexual assault.   Our program offers: psychosocial support and socio-legal assistance, as accompaniment through the immigration legal process and as support in overcoming the consequences of sexual assault, as well as all the issues at the intersection of these two experiences.



Program specificities:

  • In addition to English and French, we offer the Monarch Project’s services (exclusively) in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon), Kirundi and Kinyarwanda. We are currently working on setting up interpretation services.
  • Our counsellors are trained to offer psychosocial follow-up adapted to the reality of people with no status or with a precarious status.
  • Due to the precariousness of our presence on the territory, people integrating the Monarque Project have access to a separate waiting list from the rest of the Centre, and can therefore access services more quickly.

In particular, migratory legal procedures involving the testimony of experiences of sexual assault(s), such as asylum applications based on gender-based violence, can be particularly exhausting and retraumatizing for those who go through them.

We therefore believe it is essential that support is available to ensure safety and well-being throughout the process, whatever the outcome. We hope that the Monarch Project can contribute to meeting the growing demand in the area, and to ensure the well-being of people without status or with precarious status, who are all too often overlooked in the services on offer. 

If this service is of interest to you, or if you are an organization wishing to refer people who could benefit from it, we invite you to contact us at 514-684-2198 or