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Support services

If you are a male victim of sexual assault, contact CRIPHASE.

Support services

The direct aid component includes all the support services offered to women and teenage girls aged 12 and over who have been sexually assaulted. These services are free and confidential and are designed to help them overcome the consequences of sexual assault.

The West Island CALACS uses intersectional feminist intervention which contributes to increasing women’s autonomy by promoting empowerment and control over their lives. We strive to offer an intervention that reflects our values of equality for all women. 

Our Services Offered

This service is the first step for all women who make a first request for help and support. Following a first call for help, we offer a welcome meeting in order to inform women of our approach in helping relationships and of our different services. This is also a time for women to tell their stories and assess their immediate needs.

Individual follow-ups are done over a maximum period of 15 meetings. This type of service aims to support and accompany women in overcoming the consequences of sexual assault on their lives, in a more personalized setting.

The support group is a place where women can help each other, listen to each other and support each other. Women who choose to attend a support group have the opportunity to participate in 15 group meetings. 

The West Island CALACS also offers five individual follow-up meetings to all teenagers aged 12 to 17 years old, without waiting time. When it is difficult for them to come to the center, we offer them the possibility of doing the follow-up in their own environment, i.e. at school or in a community organization in their neighbourhood. 

We offer women in crisis situations three immediate meetings. They can then access support to help them overcome the difficult period they are facing. The meetings aim to equip women in crisis situations to get through this period of intense emotions and confusion.

We offer socio-judicial accompaniment to women who wish to obtain information and support in their efforts to find some form of justice. This accompaniment is punctual, and the duration varies according to the woman’s needs. In addition, we offer accompaniment for those who wish to fill out the application form for a IVAC.

Thematic workshops on various themes such as shame and guilt, increasing happiness, sexual assault, emotions, anxiety, sexuality, body image, reconnection to the body, personal limits, etc. These workshops are offered on a monthly basis in English and in French, and this, in alternation

This service provides women who call us with referrals, information about the center and its services, and telephone support.

We offer individual follow-up services and socio-judicial accompaniment adapted to the reality of asylum seekers, refugees and all women and adolescents without status or with precarious statuswho are survivors of sexual assault. We offer psychosocial support to help them navigate the legal immigration process, to seek asylum based on the experience of sexual assault and to overcome the consequences of these assaults, whether they took place in Canada or in their country of origin. 

Our values


Shared power exercised without discrimination and equitable and inclusive treatment ensured for a diverse group of women.  


The individual is personally and collectively engaged in respecting and realizing the mission of the organization. 


An action in which women, workers, activists and the organization are encouraged both to achieve personal and common aspirations using their own power and means while being accountable for their choices and actions. 

Whether the abuse happened recently or years ago, we are here to listen and offer you the support you deserve.

There is no taboo in seeking help.