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Advocacy and Activism

We fight against violence against women and for the recognition of their rights and freedoms.  We encourage women to speak out, to help each other and to get involved as citizens.

Fighting and associative life

The respect of victims’ rights is our priority. This is why the West Island CALACS works in partnership with numerous organisations in the West Island and Montreal. 

We support sexual assault survivors by defending their individual and collective rights alongside our partners.

The part of activism and associative life is defined as the democratic space granted to members in order to promote their involvement in the internal bodies of the organization as well as their civic involvement.

Each year, we advocate for the rights of sexual assault survivors by participating in multiple activities, such as the Day of Action Against Sexual Violence Against Women (JACVSFF), the 3rd Friday of September, the 12 days of Action against violence against women and the International Day of Women’s Rights (March 8).

Activist members can get involved in the organization after having followed a full day training. There are various ways to get involved, including on the board of directors, on various working committees (whose mandates come from the AGM or the collective), in direct aid or prevention services. However, a second training is offered to members interested in counseling and prevention component.

Association life also includes training and recognition activities.

Sexual assault can be fought with the community.

You can help in some way by joining the organization.