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Become a member

Become a member

Joining CALACS West Island means getting involved at the heart of the movement against sexual assault. It means joining a team that will accompany you in your activities and offer ongoing support. It means choosing an organization that is actively involved in intersectional, anti-oppressive, anti-racist and decolonial feminist struggles. The trainings required for each program are offered by the Centre on an ad hoc basis.

What is involvement with CALACS West Island like?

The different activist programs

The Embassy component of activism consists of a group of activists representing the West Island CALACS, its values and its mission in its advocacy activities, for example, by participating in kiosks, conferences and other events where our presence is requested. As this component is conditional on events, it doesn’t require a constant commitment and is ideal for activists whose availability is variable.

The Monarch Project is the West Island CALACS service for survivors without status or with precarious status. The Monarque Brigade is composed of activists who act as interpreters during meetings with those in follow-upwho require such assistance. It’s an ideal option for activists who want to observe and learn how to do intervention work without any prior experience.

To join the Monarch Brigade, you need to :

  • Be fluent in at least one language other than French and English.
  • Have completed the Basic II training offered by the CALACS.

Starting in winter 2024, a few interested activists will have the chance to co-facilitate support groups with members of the Intervention Team. This is an opportunity to gain valuable experience in direct help and to have a concrete impact on survivors’ helping, while being closely supervised by one of our counsellors. Places are limited to the number of support groups held each season.

To co-facilitate a support group, you must :

  • Have completed the CALACS Basic II training program

Preference will be given to people with volunteer, academic or professional experience in intervention, or with a long-standing commitment to CALACS activism.

Every year, the Collect Committee helps create and organize fundraising activities for CALACS West Island. It’s a great way for activists to put their administrative and organizational skills to good use, and to develop valuable knowledge of community organization!

The West Island CALACS operates on the principle of co-management between the Team and our Board of Administration, which is composed of both members of the Team and activists.

We are looking for people with a practical ability to integrate their feminist and anti-oppressive values into their professional work, and who are ready to commit themselves with intention, sensitivity and authenticity. This is a unique opportunity to develop important management and community organizing experience, while integrating the anti-oppressive movement against sexual assault.

Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Assembly each June.

They must be available for monthly Board meetings, general assemblies and related tasks.

Solo agents are militant members who support the Centre’s mission, but prefer to get involved on an ad hoc basis when they have time or specific tasks to perform!

It’s important for us to offer militance members the opportunity to let their personal skills and expertise shine. We therefore invite you to suggest any other initiatives you’d like to contribute!

All militance members will also be called upon from time to time to take part in certain events or tasks, according to the needs of the moment.

The West Island CALACS team is currently working to develop other opportunities for activists to work in the field with survivors, such as court, police and hospital accompaniment.

Do you have professional or volunteer experience in intervention and would like to participate in the implementation and testing of these new programs? Write to us!

Two different type of membership and their criterias

Militant members are all women, trans, Two-spirit o& non-binary people who are officially involved in the organization on a voluntary and pro-active basis. Militant members have the right to attend and vote at General Assemblies, to be eligible for West Island CALACS administrative positions and to participate in all available militant programs.

To become an activist member of the West Island CALACS, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a woman, trans, Two-spirit or non-binary person aged 18 years or older;
  • Be in agreement with the feminist intersectional analysis of sexual violence;
  • Be interested in participating in an anti-oppressive, anti-racist and decolonial movement;
  • Have completed the Basic I training;
  • Wait a minimum period of one year following the end of a follow-up, if applicable;
  • Have been accepted by the Board of Administration;

The Collaborator membership category is open to all women, trans, Two-spirit or non-binary people who wish to show their support for the center by getting involved on an occasional basis. It’s also an interesting alternative for teenagers, as well as people still using our services or who were using the services recently and who want to get involved. They can’t take part in activism programs, but will be invited to participate on an ad hoc basis, and may attend General Assemblies without voting rights or eligibility for board positions.

To become a Collaborator member of the West Island CALACS, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a woman, trans, Two-spirit or non-binary person aged 14 or over;
  • Be in agreement with the feminist intersectional analysis of sexual violence;
  • Be interested in participating in an anti-oppressive, anti-racist and decolonial movement;

Activist Form

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Want to know more about our volunteer opportunities?

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