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Justice and recourses

Starting legal proceedings can be an important step in the healing process of survivors of sexual assault. Therefore, it is important for us at the West Island CALACS to offer different socio-judicial support services to survivors such as accompaniment to file a complaint, steps with IVAC and other services.

Filling a complaint

The legal process can be very complex and psychologically demanding.  This is why CALACS West Island offers the possibility of supporting survivors through the legal process. Not only by providing information on the various procedures and answering questions, but also by accompanying survivors through the various steps and interactions with the police, in court, as well as during all other stages.

Applying to IVAC

The Indemnisation des victimes d’actes criminels (IVAC) is an organization whose mandate is to compensate victims of crime. By submitting an application to  IVAC through a completed and sent form, survivors of sexual assaults can receive compensation to help them overcome the injuries and consequences of the crime of which they were victims. Among the compensation offered, we can also find in some cases financial benefits.

At the West Island CALACS, we offer, among our socio-judicial services, IVAC support to eligible survivors who request it. This accompaniment consists of a series of meetings during which we explain the conditions of eligibility, answer questions about the process and help fill out the IVAC form.

We strongly encourage survivors who wish to learn more about the IVAC process or to start it to contact us.

Lease Terminations due to Sexual Assault

It is possible for a victim of sexual assault to seek a lease termination if the assailant is someone with whom they have signed a lease and who poses a threat to their safety. This could be a spouse, friend, family member, etc.

In this case, it is important to offer the landlord the following two documents:

  • A notice of termination of the lease due to domestic violence or sexual assault
  • A statement from a public official that the termination of the lease is necessary to ensure the safety of the landlord or a child living with the landlord.

The West Island CALACS also offers support in the process of terminating a lease due to sexual assault.

Other recourses

There are other legal recourses for sexual assault. Survivors of a sexual assault can file a complaint in civil court to receive compensation. However, the costs associated with this process must be borne by the victim.

Furthermore, if the aggressor is a health professional, such as a doctor, a psychologist, a police officer, etc., there are different authorities that receive complaints from their professionals, notably the professional orders and the college of physicians.

The West Island CALACS also offers, within the framework of its socio-judicial services, information related to civil recourse or complaints to the different professional orders. Please note, however, that we do not have a lawyer and that we cannot provide legal advice under any circumstances.

CALACS West Island remains available to assist survivors and to answer any questions regarding our services.