​​Centre d'aide et de lutte contre

les agressions à caractère sexuel

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Our support services are bilingual, free and confidential for women and teens aged 14 and over who have survived sexual assault.

If you are male victim of sexual assault, please contact CRIPHASE.

Our services

  • Phone support and references
  • ​Crisis intervention
  • ​Individual follow-ups
  • Support groups
  • Support for family members
  • Legal recourse and advocacy (IVAC, complaint to the police...)

​The West Island CALACS is sensitive to particular realities of women of diversity. We believe in promoting equality in all of our services, including intervention.

Our office is adapted for women with reduced mobility..

Prevention and training activities


Support Services

We believe in supporting the individual and collective rights of each survivor. This is why the West Island CALACS works in partnership with numerous organisations in the West Island and Montreal. We support sexual assault survivors by defending their individual and collective rights alongside our partners.

Each year, we advocate for the rights of sexual assault survivors by participating in multiple activites, such as the annual day of action against sexual violence, entitled the J
ournée d'Action Contre la Violence Sexuelle Faite aux Femmes (JACVSFF) in French, which takes place annually on the third Friday of September.

The West Island CALACS offers an array of workshops to high schools and other organisations that wish to raise awareness about sexual assault. We specialize in providing support services to sexual assault survivors as well as providing hands-on training to front-line staff in both community and institutional settings that may encounter survivors of sexual violence in their work.

Some of the subjects discussed in workshops are:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual violence among elderly women
  • Sexual exploitation

We also offer a specialized prevention program for high school students.

Workshops can be created and adapted on demand. Workshops are free of charge for schools and community organisations in the West Island. Please contact us at 514-684-2198 for more information!